Our farm sits on 107 rolling acres in Western Wisconsin. We spent our newlywed years in the city, while longing for a place in the country to call our own. In 1987 we had the good fortune to find it! Young and full of ideas (but little experience), we started from scratch, envisioning a new life on the land.

 Our farm was the first in the township to be settled when a Norwegian immegrant walked 300 miles across the state to claim the land. With its beautiful expanse of rolling native prairie, it was the perfect candidate for a sod house, the land's first dwelling. Over 100 years later, the land is home to our passive solar design house, our family of four, and a new generation of beginning vegetable farmers.

We continue to improve the farm's many diverse habitats. With 60 acres of pastures, 25 acres of woods, marshes and bushy fencerows, 11 acres of untouched native prairie, and two wildlife ponds where ducks, geese, and sandhill cranes flock to eat the wild rice, the farm is home to creatures large and small.

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