What do Iceland, The Mississippi, Alaska and Nepal Have in Common?

What do Iceland, The Mississippi, Alaska and Nepal Have in Common? Outdoor enthusiasts fueled their adventure with Simply Native’s Quick Cooking Wild Rice Cereal. Lonnie Dupre, National Geographic explorer most recently adventured to Mt. Hunter in Alaska to attempt a solo climb of the 14,500 ft. mountain. Although Lonnie didn’t end up reaching the summit due to extreme weather, he’s already planning his next adventure to Mount Carpe. Lonnie commented on our Quick Cooking Wild Rice Cereal: “The Wild Rice cereal was the go-to breakfast on our expeditions that require a high quality, nutritional punch to keep us going We plan to go back to Alaska as a team of two and do some more winter climbing. In our rations we have Simply Native peppered throughout.”Late in 2016, Lonnie attempted a climb of a 20,000 ft. Mountain in Nepal.

You can read more about that adventure here: https://www.simplynativefoods.com/blogs/origin/how-do-you-make-the-first-ascent-of-a-20-000-ft-mountain

Cycle for a Cure: In August, George Maurer completed his Cycle for a Cure ride, a 1,500 mile bike trip across Iceland to cure cancer. George and his riding partner Grant took 30 lbs. of Quick Cooking Wild Rice Cereal on their adventure. They cooked it for breakfast, ate it as trail mix during the ride, and cooked it up for dinner by adding in extra protein such as lamb or fish.

You can read more about George and Grant’s adventure here: https://www.simplynativefoods.com/pages/cycle-for-a-cure



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