The Minimalist Chef: Soaking Wild Rice Cereal

Give Simply Native Wild Rice Cereal an overnight soak in the refrigerator or in the pouch on the trail. This allows the rice grains to rehydrate and soften into a consistency that’s texture rich and ready to enjoy without cooking!

Soaking Wild Rice Cereal at night before you climb in the tent or in the morning as you begin your hike will provide you with a deliciously new trail mix or the easiest start to a delicious dinner. It’s never been so easy to eat wholesome ingredients exclusively from North American on the trail. The deliciously nutty flavor from the wild rice paired with the sweet and tangy cranberries brings a delightful combination to your pallet and your belly.

Eaten straight, heated or on your yogurt the next morning, this is as easy as cooking gets. Experiment with adding indigenous liquids like cranberry or blueberry juice. Additional sweeteners like honey or maple syrup are welcome, making for a sweeter breakfast bowl with a variety of textures and flavors. 

Are you as obsessed with nut butters as the rest of us? Simply Native Quick Cooking Wild Rice Cereal tastes delicious with a dollop of your favorite nut butter. Eaten hot or cold, this hearty and protein packed combination will keep you filled throughout the day with wholesome ingredients with no preservatives or additives.

Tired after getting off the trail for a long hike and don’t feel like a highly processed and salty “meal?” Get your wood or stove fire going and begin cooking up your freshly caught fish or dried venison.  Warm up Simply Native’s Quick Cooking Wild Rice Cereal in 1 minute, add your favorite gamy protein with your preferred spices and have a hearty and delicious meal under 5 minutes. It never felt better to be eating whole ingredients packed full of protein and fiber that will keep you full a nourished into the next morning.

Instructions for soaking Quick Cooking Wild Rice Cereal:

Soaking: One serving – Add ¼ cup cereal and ¼ cup water an let soak for 6-8 hours at room temperature or lower until fully hydrated. Heat if desired before eating.



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