Lonnie Dupre & Simply Native - A Match Made In Alaska!
Here are my tried and tested favorites.  Goat milk powder, homemade vacuum packed huevos rancheros (made of hummus powder, instant potatoes, instant refried black beans, powdered eggs, and spices), grapeseed oil, pumpkin seeds, instant lentil and split pea soup, Simply Native Food's Wild Rice Hot Cereal, thick cut double smoked bacon, homemade beef jerky, mac & cheese, and homemade energy bars. - Lonnie Dupre

Lonnie Dupre joined the Simply Native Brand Ambassador program in 2016. This January Lonnie brought some of our Wild Rice Cereal on an adventure through Alaska. 

Read about Lonnie Dupre 2016 trip to Nepal here!

His trip reports, pictures and blog posts are an inspiration to us all. When the Tomkins-Bergh family started prepping their Wild Rice Cereal on the family farm they never envisioned that it would one day be the breakfast fuel of choice for a world renowned outdoor adventurer like Lonnie Dupre!

If you would like to join the Simply Native Brand Ambassador program please send an email to info@simplynativefoods.com with the subject line 'Brand Ambassador' and i'll get back to you as soon as possible. 

If Simply Native Cereal can fuel an adventure to Alaska maybe it can fuel your next outdoor trip? You might want to place an order this week because Lonnie Dupre did.



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