How do you make the first ascent of a 20,000 ft. Mountain?

The Simply Native Family certainly doesn’t know, but we’re ecstatic about extreme adventurer Lonnie Duprey’s mission to be the first to ascend mount Langju in Nepal. Lonnie and his team just began the five-week expedition this week in Kathmandu and are making their way up to basecamp as we speak.


This will be the first attempted ascent of Mt. Langju, which towers over the world at 20,800 ft. Mt. Langju is one of many 20,000 ft. peaks opened by the Nepalese government in recent years. 


Lonnie Duprey Climbing a mountain

Due to the difficulty and novelty of the expedition National Geographic will also be covering Lonnie’s ascent. You can check out Duprey’s other feats covered by National geographic, such as the First Solo January Summit of Alaska’s Mount McKinley


We’re overjoyed to announce that Lonnie and his team have chosen our very own Quick Cooking Wild Rice Cereal to fuel his trip! As we know much more about climbing fun small Midwestern hills, Lonnie helped explain why he wanted to take our cereal on his expedition in the Himalayas:


“Just opened the box yesterday and had your Wild Rice cereal the last two mornings…fantastic!  What a nice change from oatmeal…AND it stays with you longer through the morning.  Soon after we eat oatmeal on trips we’re hungry again. The high degree of protein, carbs and iron for it’s weight is perfect for expeditions.”


Gear for hiking mountains in Nepal

You can follow along with Lonnie Dupre and his team on their website and Facebook page as he attempts the first ascent of Langju (20,885 ft) in the Nepalese Himalayas. Also follow the #VerticalNepal on twitter and Instagram.


Lonnie’s adventure to Nepal will be the third expedition to use our Simply Native’s Quick Cooking Wild Rice Hot Cereal as fuel for their adventure. In August, George Maurer completed his Cycle for a Cure ride, a 1,500 mile bike trip across Iceland to cure cancer.


Meanwhile Alyssa and Lisa of Source of Confidence are traversing down the world’s 4th longest river system to build a source of confidence for girls and women across the country.

Prescott in Iceland eating Simply Native Foods




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