Brand Ambassador Spotlight: Rachel Andrie

Simply Native came out to the Hoofer Mountaineering meeting to visit with us and show their product. It went over really well—the breakfast mix makes a really valuable, versatile climbing and mountaineering food. It can be eaten as intended, as a breakfast hot cereal. Or it can be eaten raw, as a quick granola-type snack. Either way, it is lightweight, nutritious, filling, and cooks quickly and easily with water, making it the perfect food for climbing trips, mountaineering, backpacking, and more.

We played climbing jeopardy at our meeting and split into teams. Each time competed to guess climbing terms, from well known pieces of gear to obscure slang terms. Simply Native gave free samples, and the winning team each got a package of their breakfast cereal. Everyone got a special discount on their first order. All in all, it was a great night!

- Rachel

Rachel Andrie is the President of UW Hoofers Mountaineering Club and became a Simply Native Brand Ambassador in 2016.

You should consider signing up to become a Simply Native Brand Ambassador because Rachel Andrie and Lonnie Dupre already did!



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