5 Reasons Why I love Fall Camping

A week ago my girlfriend and I went camping in Governor Dodge State Park (South Western Wisconsin) for our first time. We wanted to sneak in one last trip into nature before winter camping season begins (posts to come). At Governor Dodge State park we hiked almost 20 miles through the forests, along streams, and next to lakes. We even heard the crazy call of a Barred Owl (listen here).

We were really excited to go camping for more than the obvious changing fall colors, but greatly enjoyed those too. Here are my 5 reasons that I love camping in the fall: 

1. Prime Time for Foraging Wild Berries

Fall is the perfect season to go hunting for native berries to North America. No matter where you are, there’s something growing around you that’s delicious and healthy. Some berries to keep an eye out for are cloudberries, saskatoons, red mulberries and many more. To find the full list and where to find them go to The Tastiest Berries That Grow Wild In North America.

2. Fall Drinks are My Favorite

Crack open a can of pumpkin ale (now found at any local beer store), warm up your spiced cider over an evening fire. Better yet, find an Oktoberfest nearby and take an armful of goodies into the wilderness with you. 

3.  Wild Rice Hot Cereal Makes the Perfect Hot Breakfast

I may be a little biased, but I truly believe that Wild Rice Hot Cereal tastes the best when cooked over a wood fire and eaten on a crisp fall morning. There’s nothing like eating native ingredients in nature and feeling fully nourished for a day of hiking.


4. It's Cheaper and Less Crowded

Fall is off-season for campgrounds, which translates to cheaper sites and less crowds. Take advantage and plan a few family camping trips before the first snowflake hits the ground.                                                   

5. Wildlife is More Active (except bugs)

Enjoy prime wildlife viewing during fall camping, because this time of year is when animals are filling up before winter hibernation. Camp where you can find wildlife and don't forget your binoculars and camera. Enjoy the lack of bugs who have already been killed off by the colder weather.

Rose and Colin Fall Camping with Simply Native

I know that it may be nearing the end of fall camping depending on where you live. No worries! Winter camping is around the corner. Last year I went on my first winter camping trip and loved it. I can’t wait to explore the wonder winter land and camp in the midst of it.

I had inspiration from Active.com for this post.



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