Simply Native Partners with the Adventure Cyclist George Maurer to Raise Money to Cure Cancer

What does it take to fuel an adventure cyclist for a 1,500 mile trek across Iceland in the summer? It takes dedication, training, preparation, and the right fuel; which is why George Maurer has chosen Wisconsin based Simply Native Foods Quick Cooking Wild Rice Hot Cereal to keep him going.

 George Maurer, adventure cyclist, is bicycling the circumference and across the interior of Iceland this summer to raise funds for cancer research. In 2014, George bicycled 3600 miles, solo, from Seattle to Boston in 48 days (that’s 75 miles a day), with the Carolyn Held Memorial Bike Ride, in memory of his friend Carolyn, who had died the previous year of cancer.  He raised $21,000 to benefit cancer research at Mayo Clinic.  That ride changed his life so much, George did it again the following summer, biking 1800 miles from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco to the summit of Pikes Peak, raising another $9,000 for Mayo.

Why did George choose Simply Native Foods to fuel him for his journey? “It’s easy to prepare and has the right blend of protein and carbs to keep me going for miles through the harsh, beautiful landscape of Iceland,” he said.  

 The collaboration with Simply Native Foods started when Prescott Bergh, co-founder of SNF, met Maurer at last year’s Midwest Mountaineering Outdoor Adventure Expo in Minneapolis.  The two got talking and before they knew it, an exciting partnership was being formed. 


Since that time, Maurer has been readying his gear for the five-week long trek; outfitting his bicycle to carry the requisite 20 pounds of cereal.   For their part, the SNF team has been spreading the word about their cereal and their collaboration as they demo their cereal in all Kowalski Markets and several food co-ops throughout the Twin Cities, Madison and Milwaukee areas. 


Going forward Maurer will be taking shake down trips up on the North Shore along with his adventure partner, all the while eating SNF cereal along the way.  The SNF team will be continuing to spread the word at the Midwest Mountaineering 62nd Bi-Annual Outdoor Adventure Expo in Minneapolis April 22 – 24.

SNF will be following and sharing Maurer’s adventure through social media this summer, helping to raise funds for the awareness and prevention of cancer. Maurer will be blogging his adventure at and (also Maurer3443@Twitter) July 6 through August 10.   Be a part of this Icelandic adventure fueled by Simply Native Foods by sharing this story today and donating funds for cancer research.

For more information, visit or contact George Maurer at (612) 964-8235 and visit or contact Juliet Tomkins at for information and Wild Rice Hot Cereal samples. 

To order Simply Native's Quick Cooking Wild Rice Cereal please visit our online store. 



Photos that George Maurer took with Grant Brooks, using GoPros and a drone, last May on an exploratory visit to Iceland.



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