Why Was Simply Native Foods Born On An Organic Farm?

My dad, Prescott Bergh grew up in a foraging family in Minnesota.  Often they harvested mushrooms from the woods, blueberries from the backcountry, and wild rice from the streams. 

My mom, Juliet grew up on a black walnut tree farm spending long hours working by her parents’ side in their ½ acre vegetable garden and putting up vegetables for winter.

They met at college in a class about food systems while Prescott was writing his thesis on organic agriculture. Despite a few years spent in the city due to work and school, they knew their eventual home would be an organic farm where they could return to raising and foraging foods to feed our family. 

Once we (Cameron and I) had fledged and our organic farming days were over, our family decided to refocus on foraging and celebrating plants that are indigenous to the woods, fields, and waters around us. That is why we became Simply Native Foods, celebrating Ancient Foods for Modern Times.™ 

 Below are pictures of our beautiful 107 acre organic farm in NW Wisconsin:

A rainbow arcs over  the sparkling green forage after a refreshing-midwestern summer shower.

A rainbow arcs over  the sparkling green forage after a refreshing-midwestern summer shower. 




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