The Seeds of Simply Native

The seeds of our company first sprouted on the organic farm we started 28 years ago in Western Wisconsin. 

Our family of four (Juliet, Prescott and two hungry boys) needed a breakfast that was quick and easy to prepare, but still wholesome and nourishing enough to sustain us until we came in for lunch.

We were inspired by wonderful foods native to our part of the world: hearty wild rice, tangy, sweet cranberries, and nutty toasted pumpkin seeds. With those ingredients, we created quick cooking Wild Rice Hot Cereal and Simply Native Foods™ was born.  

From our quick-cooking cereals to other products based on more native North American foods, we plan to keep growing. As retired organic farmers, we are always concerned about the quality of our products. You can trust that our ingredients will always be gluten-free, non-GMO, and when available, certified organic.  

We hope you'll enjoy our Ancient Foods for Modern Times and share them with your family and friends. 



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